Identity Of Indian And Concept of Hindu Rastra

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Hindu word represent people living in Indian subcontinent, it is mispronounced  form of  word Sindhu (Indus). Hindu stand for same sense as the word Indian it is all about  you wan to call it river “Sindhu” or river “Indus” , You want to call it Sindhu Civilization or Indus valley civilization. The only difference I see that while I am writing it shows a error on word “Sindhu” but no such sign o on word  “Indus” :P.

But the strange thing is that now river Indus is a part of Pakistan and also  most important sites of Indus valley civilization like “Harappa ” and “Mohenjodaro” are present in Pakistan, so by definition people living in Pakistan are more Indian or Hindu ( now as DNA study suggest that all people in Indian subcontinent  share same DNA so please come out of dream that you are son of some Arab or…

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