Spiritual Consciousness is about the knowledge and discussion about the most crucial question to humanity and for humanity. In My journey from Atheist to spiritual person, I have closely observed changes in my nature and mind. Here I reject, all forms and definition of Gods, Universe and Nature’s law propagated by systematical studies of science and technology, Holy Books, Western Philosopher and saints.

The purpose of this blogging site is research the real meaning of God, rechecked the fundamental understanding about God and Universe. I used here Sanatana lenses for checking of reality which never been used in last three hundred years.

 Todays world everything has been evaluate from the lenses of Western philosophy and Mythology. Do we humans every checked to taste the truth of God with the dissection of Sanatana philosophy. Do human ever checked what is the behind philosophy of Hinduism.

My Blogs use to see reality of God and Purpose of Cosmos through Dhrama lenses, Sanatana philosophy, Indian History, British colonial era of India.

I do write about many things including Indian Politics, Indian Indology and archeology, Book Review, Spirituality, Hinduism, Social issue. Hope you will enjoy my blog 🙂


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